Hand Wash & Dry            
The best way to clean a vehicle is by hand with soft washing mit or sponge. This method ensures that your paint is not damaged by the washing process, and does not create swirl marks (which are typically casued by automatic car washes). Vehicles are hand dried in order to prevent water spots and again, provide a method which does not harm or scratch the paint.

Waxes & Paint Sealants
Waxes and Paint Sealants protect your paint from the harsh elements of the road. Waxes give your vehicle a deep, wet shine and typically provide protection for 2-3 months. Paint Sealants are chemical polymers which bond to your paint and provide a much longer period of protection than waxes, typically 6-12 months depending on the climate and amount the vehicle is driven.

Carpet Cleaning & Odor Removal             
The Toy Wash uses heated carpet extractors and shampoos to remove tough stains, oils, and any dirt from your vehicle's carpets. This is the same technology that commercial cleaning companies use to restore carpets in your home or workplace, and it's powerful enough to restore them to looking new!

Swirl Mark & Oxidation Removal              
Swirl Marks and Dull/Oxidized Paint is no match for The Toy Wash's Machine Polishing services. Using a three step procedure, the Toy Wash prep's your vehicle's paint for reconditioning, removes the surface defects, and polishes the paint to a link-new shine!

Leather Cleaning & Reconditioning         
Leather is one of the most noticable features in any luxury car, and keeping it clean and conditioned is important to maintaining its soft texture, luxurious appearance, and to prevent cracking. The Toy Wash cleans lather interiors to remove dirt, stains, and dye transfers, and conditions the leather to restore its natural oils to prolong its durability and appearance.

Engine Bay Cleaning       
Engine bays are usually the dirtiest area of any vehicle, partiuarly due to the grease and road grime which builds up over the life of the vehicle. The Toy Wash's engine bay cleaning and degreasing services are a safe way to clean up the engine bay and prolong the life of your engine. Our steam cleaning equipment and professional grade degreasers ensure that your engine bay is cleaned safely and meticulously, with no harm to your engine bay's electronic components.

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